Valentines day: Where will you celebrate your valentines day?

Valentines day is quite closer and lovers have been all prearranged some cash to celebrate their relationship memories. Be hot to your loved one as it the symbol of unity and loving. Try new things this Valentines and make your loved ones feel satisfied. Valentines day is for the lovers.


Places to celebrate that day include; Special lovers edition at Sarova hotels, Villa Rova hotels, Bonifire adventures, Islands like pate, Chale, Mombasa, Rusinga etc.



If there was ever a time to try some new moves with your bae, I assure you Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity. We all know that Valentine’s Day is widely considered to be one of the cheesiest holidays. But why turn down the opportunity to show your bae how much they mean to you? It’s absolutely time to find some Valentine’s Day sex positions that will leave you both feeling spent and satisfied.